Friday, April 04, 2014

Honor Among Orcs Update!

First, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped to spread the word about HONOR AMONG ORCS this week, and for those of you who picked up the book, I hope you enjoy it!! Because of you and your purchases and your enthusiasm, HONOR rocketed up the charts on Amazon and had a FANTASTIC first day:

Second, definitely make sure you enter to win the 25 dollar gift card -- the giveaway is still going!

Some new reviews and blogposts have arrived praising HONOR and I just wanted to give them a quick linky-link, here, in case any of you are still on the fence about picking up a copy and investing some time with Arianna and Bolthorn! I've included a quote from each, but be sure to klikky klikky to read the whole review!

From L.T. Host:
"I [...] love that the skeleton of the book feels familiar-- it is orcs, elves, and humans after all-- but the plot is super twisty and keeps you guessing until the very last page!"

From Random Acts of Hope and Mayhem:
"The adventure of the story alone makes it a fantastic read, but the depths that Amalia explores inter-race politics, gender roles & expectations, and family dynamics make it something more than a simple adventure-love story."

And, From Booksellers without Borders:
"...there is definitely influence from Tolkien, but this is not a Tolkien story either. I love the way the orcs are constantly yearning to return to their "true" forms as elves and how that impacts the behavior, politics, and decisions which in turn affect both Arianna and Bolthorn."

Keep the reviews and ratings coming, and be sure to tell your friends about HONOR AMONG ORCS! Let's keep climbing the charts!


  1. Hi..I just read every orc book I could find. So interesred was I. Then I read honor among orc's and am just blown. Away. Wow really I read the entire book in less then a day and a half. I found not ONE editorial mistake. And if you got impatient. And skip read to fast you will have to go back because the plot was so thickly. Outstanding that you do not or can not continue. I am highly imperative and am looking forward. Too digging into all of Amalia Dillon's other books.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed HONOR! I hope you'll enjoy book two, BLOOD OF THE QUEEN just as much!

      Thanks for your comment!!!


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