Tuesday, April 01, 2014


And in celebration, I'm giving away a $25 gift card! But first, see what readers are saying about HONOR AMONG ORCS! Just in case you were on the fence about grabbing a copy for yourself...

"Honor Among Orcs [...] takes you by surprise and doesn't let go of your imagination even after you've finished it. A truly unique take on romance, reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast that I absolutely loved. The writing, characters, and story line were so well done I stayed up late to finish the book in one day and [...] can't wait for the second book in this series."
-- Shannon Mayer, Author of the Rylee Adamson Series

5 Stars!
"...Dillin will do for Orcs what Mccaffrey did for Dragons..."

"If you like fantasy, magic, romance, adventure, monsters or princesses, this is the book for you."

"In the vein of Tolkien, Honor Among Orcs is a high fantasy filled with danger, intrigue, magic, and love that you will want to read again."

"The characters may be my favorite part of HONOR AMONG ORCS, but it's Dillin's skill at creating deep, rich cultures based on what we'd normally think of as "stereotypical" fantasy races that really shines through."

4 Stars!
"“Honor Among Orcs” has a Tolkien-meets-Twilight feel to it and should appeal to fans of supernatural romance and high fantasy alike."

"...an interesting tack on the standard fantasy fare of Orcs being Elves who have been twisted by dark magic..."

"Dillin weaves a tale fraught with adventure and true love, in a dynamic and fast moving tale that turns all the classic fantasy tropes on their heads. I loved it from the start!"
-- Caitlin Greer, Author of ParaWars: Uprising

"Majestic storytelling, a breathtaking, larger than life world, and characters that offer new perspectives on long-standing traditions, HONOR AMONG ORCS is a fantasy triumph."
-- Diana Paz, Author of TIMESPELL

"It not only held up to my expectations but it had depths I hadn't anticipated. It had the world-building complexity of a Tolkien fantasy. The star-crossed aspect of a Shakespeare tragedy. All with the character and relationship development of a romance."
-- Wendy Sparrow, Author of FROSTED (Full Amazon Review)

Grab your copy of HONOR AMONG ORCS today! Available in paperback from Amazon, and ebook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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  1. Judging by your tweets yesterday, it seems things went really well. ^_^ Congrats!

    1. The proof is in how well it does the couple of days following :) Just gotta hope that there are still more people who want to buy the book after the first day!! But thank you!!


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