Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Notes from the Writer Cave (II)

I finished the drafting, and now I'm fighting to reread the whole thing before I send it off for the next stage of the manuscript life cycle. It's the point where I really can't stand the sight of the book, even the beginning which I haven't been over 234565432 times. (Just like 10, because I edit while I write, so I'm constantly going back and revisiting chapters even while I'm writing forward.)

I'm really, really looking forward to sending this off and having a little bit of time away from this period and these characters. Much as I love them, it's time for a break! I'm considering putting some casual words into a contemporary romance idea that I didn't at all plan for when I planned my writing for the year. We'll see! I've been writing non-stop for four months now, between Hippodamia and this new book, so I've definitely earned some non-writing days -- which I'll need while we pack up the whole house for some (big) renovation work that's being done this month.

Word-wise, New Book hit 110K, which ended up being about 99,500 after I trimmed all the extra words off the bottom of the document! It means I've got some room to expand things as needed, and I can't be unhappy about that, because I ALWAYS need to add more description as I revise.

Busy Busy Busy!

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