Tuesday, September 08, 2015

While I Was Away (II)

For at least 15 years, I've wanted to dye my hair an unusual color. So this summer, I finally did.

because if you can't have blue hair when you're a full time author, working from your living room couch, when can you? Of course, by now it's looking much less blue, and much more green and faded, and I'm debating the merits of re-dyeing it or just cutting off the bleached ends and going back to regular old brown. The maintenance of keeping it blue is maybe more trouble than it's worth -- I miss my old (non-colorsafe) shampoo, and not having to worry about getting my hair wet when I go swimming.*

But it was fun to be blue for a little while. And maybe one day I'll be brave enough to dye my hair something even more dramatic -- but for now... 

For now, with so much on my plate with edits and deadlines and The Next Book that needs researching and writing, I think I'm leaning toward a nice, simple trim. 

*in retrospect, perhaps dyeing my hair blue at the height of summer was probably the most inconvenient element of the pool-water/swimming concern. Live and learn!

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  1. My niece has purple hair right now and I love it! Wish I were as brave as you two. The nice thing is that you can color it again another day!

    1. Yes! And I did just the ombre kind of tips because I was really nervous about bleaching my hair -- and I figured this way if I didn't like it I could just cut it off and have done! I'm glad I didn't bleach my whole head, though -- I'm not sure I like how my hair feels where it was bleached, and it tangles a lot more. so! Live and Learn!

  2. Ooh, that's nifty. I've had long hair for over a decade, and only dyed it for costume stuff (I do a particularly good Professor Snape). I'm growing it out longer now but will have to cut it eventually for that costume, so I might have to try dying the longer part of it between now and then. Hmm....

    1. If you do, you should share! make sure you tag me :)
      I have to admit though I was SORELY tempted to go like, whole-head galactic crazy colors. like this ish: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lv-9sFBTgkU/UEZoEszRNyI/AAAAAAAANy8/0seEwYO97Gw/s1600/Galaxy+hair+1.jpg


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