Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3rd Annual #NameThatButt: Round 2

(Need a refresher on the rules of #NAMEthatBUTT? Klikk klikk!)

And Last Week's Butt Belonged To:

(by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Richard Guino)
(And the better than usual photography of this spectacular sculpture
must be credited to my aunt, Tommi Lou Carosella --
please do not use the images of Venus Victorious without her permission!)
And now for Round Two:

(A butt I, personally, am very excited about.)

Your Clues:

  1. This butt is featured in the #1 bestselling book of all time, according to Guiness. 
  2. This backside is guilty of a very ORIGINAL sin!
And you'll also get a Bonus Clue over at blog.amaliacarosella.com tomorrow, so be sure to check over there for a brief quote, and Name that Book for 2 extra points. But in the meantime, drop your guesses in the (moderated!) comments, and good luck Naming that Butt!

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Postcards from Asgard * Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1) Blood of the Queen (Orc Saga, #2) * Helen of Sparta
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  1. ok, this is my first guess - but I think it's Eve by Auguste Rodin
    you're gonna quote one of your awesome books in the Fate series, which I have not read and I know that it's awful and I really need to buy everything that you've ever written.

    Anyway, that's all I've got right now.

  2. Eve!

    Also, super-amused at the artist for Venus, as I was sitting around thinking about ancient Greek bronze casters. :P Wrong era!

  3. *squeals* It's EVE! And... yeah, no idea on the work. :(

  4. This week's butt - Eve. Book quote - Forged by Fate.

  5. okay, so, I think I already had a post with the statue info (eve, Rodin, if I remember rightly) - I'm pretty sure the quote is from Forged by Fate :) *fingers crossed*


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