Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3rd Annual #NameThatButt: Round 6!

But first the reveal of Round 5!


(Not sure you remember the rules? Klikk Klikk!)

ONWARD to Round 6!

Your Clues:

  • This butt didn't exactly lose the coin toss when it came to the assignment of its responsibilities, but neither did it win.
  • This butt failed to win the prize of patronage for a particularly influential city in Greece -- to a certain goddess of wisdom and war.

Drop your guesses in the comments and let's #NAMEthatBUTT!

and Wednesday it's BONUS QUOTE time again at blog.amaliacarosella.com! HUZZAH!

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  1. Yay Poseidon!! :D

    No idea on the work though.

  2. Poseidon!!!

    I seriously googled directly to this one - and it's crazy too - because I think in Greek terms, and just perchance today I googled "bronze Neptune" instead of Poseidon. Okay, it wasn't entirely chance because when I jumped to google, I hesitated over how to spell Poseidon, and so I went with Neptune first because, easier to spell.

    Neptune on a Sea Monster
    c. 1500/1509

    PS - I <3 the Percy Jackson series. go Poseidon, go!

  3. I LOVED Poseidon in Percy Jackson. He is seriously the best.


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