Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3rd Annual #NameThatButt: Round 7, DOUBLE BUTT FINALE!!!!

It's the round you've all been waiting for! BUT(T) FIRST, the reveal of the punultibutt:


And now, the majestic TWIN* butts of our Double Butt Finale!
(Also don't forget you can find the rules here.)

These butts are courtesy of and belong to Thomas G. Hale.
Please do not reuse without permission!
Your Clues:

  • As mentioned above, these are TWIN (heroic) butts! (Or, according to some, half of a set of quadruplets!)
  • Though they came from the same womb, these butts may not have had the same father, resulting in different... attribut(t)es for each. 

And be sure to tune in tomorrow to blog.amaliacarosella.com for some Bonus Quote action! But don't forget that you must name BOTH butts (though you don't need to know which butt belongs to whom) in order to get full points!

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  1. It's my favourite boys - Castor and Pollux!!!

    Is it "Castor and Pollux" by Carlo Albacini?

  2. So, basically, this was pretty easy. No, really.
    I mean I was like "hmm, twins, prolly Castor and Pollux... lemme check, *google image search* yup Castor & Pollux"

    here's the original info: Joseph Nollekens (1737 - 1823) Castor and Pollux
    dunno which copy this one is - since it looks like it's outside, could be one of a couple billion taken after the Nollekens - many of which are in outdoor gardens. Because apparently people like a bit of peen in their parks. Go figure.

    Also, in case you weren't aware at how easy this one was to verify - http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=2538366

    Yeah. it was a pretty big give-away. Nice butts, those.

  3. Okay, so. I think you're being picky. And stupid. Is it childish to call you stupid? Well, :P You're a stupid head stinky face.

    Here's what I've got - the form is based on the Castor and Pollux group (also known as the San Ildefonso Group) which was a 1st century AD marble. You can take my eyes if I'm not right about that. Really.

    As for the copy... well... I'm discounting all the casts in bronze, as well as those casts that are stood inside museums because your pictures have clouds, and I'm guessing from the angles, that they aren't clouds as seen through museum windows, but actual "hey guys, I'm outdoors" clouds.

    So here's some ideas:
    ^ this is why I hate you. Also, Wiki has a chart, too.

    Park of Sanssouci, near Charlottenhof Palace in Potsdam, by Francesco Menghi
    Versailles Gardens, by Antoine Coysevox
    and, apparently, Christian Gottfried Jüchtzer produced a bunch of different "exemplary" casts of this duo during his career and there are bunches all over the place.

    and, have I mentioned, I hate you.

  4. Oh, look at this... there's another one. Shocking.

    "Castore e Polluce" - by Tommaso Solari, now at Museum of Prado at Madrid - originally part of an outdoor fountain thingieat Villa Comunale in Naples

    again, I hate you


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