Friday, July 23, 2010

Thor! (Again)

All the Comic-Con stuff is keeping me distracted, and I'm no longer in the habit of blogging after my hiatus, but today is Friday so I've got to pull myself together!

First, I want to just say a quick word on the Thor movie because the stills that have been released and everything I've seen so far makes me scream with joy in fangirl-esque fashion. Guys. LADIES. If you haven't seen the Thor in the Rain still yet, and Chris Hemsworth's rippling muscles, you are missing out. It isn't even that Chris Hemsworth is nice to look at, either, though he is. It's that there is no way, no possible way, that this movie would be good if he hadn't bulked up (hulked up?) the way he has.

Thor MUST be muscled. His greatest aspect as a god, as a hero, is his strength (although you and I both know that there are other aspects, and if you DON'T know about my thoughts in that regard, you can find them here!). Head over to GeekaChicas to read more of my thoughts on the movie and see the last three released pictures all in one place. PLUS a little comparative work of my own! (There is behind the scenes footage and my commentary on it here, as well. Hit the play button if it just swirls away and it will load.)

Now, I can go on about this all day (much in the same fashion as I might be able to go on all day about Icelandic), but believe me when I tell you that I'm watching this movie like a hawk. I also may or may not be secretly hoping for goats to show up in the film, even just in passing, but that's probably too much to ask...

That uhm, was less quick than I thought it was going to be. In fact, it seems like an entire blogpost of its own. SO, let me just stop here-- Next week, Tuesday, I promise to be back uh, relatively on-topic (if there is a real on-topic for this blog) with some more Helen-related conversation. Or let me put it this way-- if I'm not, then this does not bode well for my finishing up revisions on Helen, and you should all shame me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thor movie? Sound great - I still remember the cartoon from my childhood.

  2. Let us hope so! I am way too invested for this movie to flop :) I think Marvel is going to put out a new Thor cartoon one of these days, too, either just before or just after the movie itself.

  3. Hmmm... How is it possible that I haven't heard of this movie? Oh, that's right- I never go to the movies anymore because I have a three-year-old monkey.

    I might have to find a sitter for this one!

  4. Stephanie, I will let you know if it is good! It comes out in May 2011-- and I promise you I will be going opening day AT ALL COSTS. No force on earth could stop me :)

  5. Looks like it's gonna be a good movie! I saw Hemsworth first in "Star Trek" and thought he was way too cute to die at the beginning of the movie. Yes? Of course, yes. I don't know much about Thor, but he seems like a cool god. They're turning a lot of comics into movies, I've noticed. Did you know they're making "Y: The Last Man" into a movie? Shia LeBouf is going to star. Crazy!

  6. Yeah-- comic book movies are the IT thing right now, and what Marvel is doing with its films by putting them all into the same world and connecting them with an ensemble movie in Avengers is unprecedented. I just hope that they can pull it off!

    Thor is a really cool god. Hands down, he's my favorite of all the pantheons that I've come across.

  7. Don't worry about being off-topic; I was thrilled to see your raves about the Thor photo! ;)

    OK, so I guess I had better plan on seeing the movie. But I think I'll wait for you to see it first, so you can tell me if it's worth my time.

    Oh, I hope there are goats!

  8. haha. I'll let you know, Sarah, I promise. In a non-spoiler-way. :P

    And I hope there are goats too! it would be great!

  9. Wow, thanks for the links; that photo is awesome. I too did not know about this movie but am psyched about it now!

  10. Muscles? Count me in, eventually!
    Toy Story 3 and Inception have only just opened here. ;)

  11. Holy moly, I can't believe that's Chris Hemsworth! I always thought he was cute, but he really *is* Thor! That he bulked up is putting it mildly.

  12. Vicky: Haha! I hope it doesn't disappoint either of us :)

    Elaine: Definitely muscles. Lots of muscles. And I just saw Toy Story 3 this past weekend and thought it was wonderful! Very touching!

    VR: I know. There is just no comparison to the skinny man who put on the Star Trek uniform in the reboot with this new and improved God of Thunder. I am really, really impressed. (Also putting it mildly)


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