Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus

(Happy Tuesday! I thought you might like a little flashy kind of treat, and it's been a while since we've seen Thor around these here parts--kind of. Really this is the result of my lack of focus today, but you know-- lemons into lemonade, and all that! I hope you enjoy it!)

We were on the bus.
Normally, I wouldn't have taken it, being that it travels through the less than savory part of town, and even with a Thunder God over my shoulder--maybe especially with a Thunder God over my shoulder-- I didn't care to take my chances. Finding out what Thor would do to a mugger wasn't on my top ten list of things to discover before I died, after all.
Anyway, we were on the bus.
I took the window seat, as always, and Thor dropped into the seat beside me with ill-grace, casting a dark glance at the other riders.
It isn't as though they're zombies," I murmured under my breath.
Thor snorted. "You don't have any idea."
"They aren't shambling, or drooling, or covered in glitter."
He raised both eyebrows, and his eyes slid over my shoulder. In spite of myself, I looked back.
"That doesn't count," I said immediately. "Girls her age are ALWAYS covered in glitter."
His lips twitched, and the sun beamed through the window. I sighed, turning my face toward it and soaking it up. He couldn't be that irritable if the sun was shining, so I relaxed and leaned back in my seat.
"It isn't just the zombies I worry about, you know." He kept his voice so low I could barely hear it over the rumble of the engine and the road noise. "It's winter, now."
"So?" I asked.
"Frost Giants," he murmured, and the sun disappeared again.
"Not on the bus!" I glared at him and pulled my hood up to protect myself from the temperature drop. Thunder gods, in my experience, didn't feel cold, but I was frequently freezing thanks to his cloud cover. 
He said nothing, but his mouth pressed into a thin line, and he stared pointedly at the back of a man's head, in front of us. Sure, the guy was tall, and his head was pretty lumpy, but that didn't mean he was a frost giant. He could just be having a bad hair day. Or. That disease where the skin turns into hard scaly masses...
Right. So that was probably unlikely.
"You can't be serious," I hissed.
His fingers wrapped around the grip of the hammer on his hip and his eyes blazed white. Thunder rumbled outside, in spite of the snow. I swore.
"Do not. Even. Think about it."
 Lightning flashed outside the window, any hope of sunlight long gone.
We were ON a bus. There were bystanders. And the last thing I needed was to have my buspass revoked because I brought an unruly passenger on board. People could be arrested for that kind of thing these days!
"Thor, I am begging you."
The lumpy-headed man's head jerked, and a cauliflower ear turned in our direction.
I swallowed. So maybe announcing the presence of the Thunder God on the bus next to me right behind his natural enemy wasn't exactly the wisest course. The tension in Thor's shoulders told me I only had a matter of seconds.
I jerked on the yellow stop-cord and the bus braked, nearly throwing me off balance as I rose from my seat and grabbed Thor by the arm. I tugged him with me.
"Our stop," I said.
It was a good thing he let me shove him down the aisle. Thunder Gods are like mountains when they don't want to be moved. The back doors on the bus hissed open and I pulled him after me down the three steps. The lumpy-headed man-- or Frost Giant, I suppose, stared at us through the window with yellow eyes.
"See?" Thor said, glaring at the creature.
I sighed, looking for the street signs.
"Well I hope you're happy," I said when I finally found them. "Now we're stuck in Zombie land."
The glitter was everywhere.


  1. Hahahah. Oh nos!

    Actually he does have a point about that girl, you know, you'd be surprised about the number of stealth zombies there are going about.

    Glad you got out safely though! Darn Frost Giants.

  2. Poor Thor, you took away his fun. At least he has lots of Zombies to vanquish now, though ^_^

  3. I'm sure he'll survive without the Frost Giant to maim :) Thanks for reading!

  4. Ha, this is great fun! Will there be a part 2? I've seen some pretty unusual characters on buses over the years. Maybe I should be looking closer... :)

  5. Thanks Chris!

    VR: It is entirely possible :) It kind of goes with the Zombie Glitter guest post I did for Mia a bit ago, also.

  6. That was a good read :) Ah~ Thor and the Frost Giants~ Gotta love it. His reaction was adorable.

    Hope there's a part 2!

  7. Ha! Zombies and lemonade! Gotta love it! We must be on the same twin brain wave yesterday. I love this line the best "Thunder Gods are like mountains when they don't want to be moved." THen I thought, "Oh, she had her hands on his fleshy muscles. Must have felt nice." ;)

  8. Thanks Devin! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    Mwahahaha! You bet it is ;)
    It really is funny that we both used that exact expression. what are the odds!

  9. Egad! The zombies sparkle in the sunlight now, too?! I think I'll hide myself away before I'm beset by glittery ring wraiths...

    But thanks for the fantastic story, Amalia! 'Twas lots of fun. Nothing like a mopey god to really give a story some character.

  10. Oh, no no! The Zombies just REALLY LIKE GLITTER. It's a conspiracy!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  11. *hides her sparkle nail polished fingers*

    So fun!! Thunder-gods and Frost Giants on board, and I agree with PP who wanted a part two. You left us in Zombie land!

  12. haha. Oh dear.

    well I am thinking of writing it up for tomorrow. :P

  13. *snort*

    Only just missed spewing coffee all over the keyboard, I'm laughing so hard! How did I miss this the first time round??

    You're brilliant, my dear.

    Your prize package is in the mail, btw, it'll probably take some time to get to you though.


  14. omgoodness... This was amazing. I had heard rumors of Thor and now I totes want to meet him on a bus. or anywhere really. This was so fantastic and intriguing. :)

  15. Yeah! I'm finally getting around to reading this series! I've been cursing my lack of time and decided today was the day!

    What a fun start :D


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