Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The PACTS of Life: Pirithous vs. Pelagia

You might have heard some things about me and Pirithous from that rapscallion also known as Zachary AKA Zak AKA He who likes WHO. You may even have heard of our GRUDGE MATCH-- Pirithous vs. Pelagia, winner takes ALL. I have bumped his fist via the interwebz and I have read his blogpost, and his badmouthing of my fair Pirithous. He would have you believe that Pirithous is just some no good swindler! That you should cheer for Pelagia the daughter of a PIRATE.

Freundespaar Peirithoos + Theseus
Pirithous on left. A Respectable Man!
But I am here to tell you, Pirithous is a name you can trust!

Pelagia isn't even a demigod! Just the daughter of one. pfft. And as for being raised by ghosts, I would think that would only make someone a little bit confused about the REAL world. People who talk to ghosts, see ghosts, they're never the sanest most stable sort! And really, are you telling me you'd put your faith and trust in a Witch-pirate (like mother like daughter!) over a son of Zeus?! A bona fide HERO?

No. I think not! Trust and Faith, are, in fact, the LAST adjectives anyone thinks of when you start talking about witches and pirates! Sure, Pirithous might raid a little cattle here and there, but that was an expected and common practice for his time! Same with stealing women! A man just wasn't a man (or a hero) if he didn't get in on a little of that action to get his name out there! It was a time-honored tradition!!

Don't listen to the vile untruths that my competitor feels compelled to spread. Don't think for a moment that a woman who was raised by ghosts will have any kind of compassion or consideration to the living! Why should she? But Pirithous, all he wants is the good life. Steak, wine, and women!

Pirithous is a man of the people!

Pirithous is YOUR man!

And perhaps most importantly, Pirithous will provide plenty of fodder to carry me over the finish line by July 31, 11:59pm. Can you say the same about Pelagia? 'Cause from where I'm standing, I don't think she's making any guarantees!


  1. I don't know--pirates are pretty cool... It seems to me Pelagia and Pirithous might have quite a bit in common.




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