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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Thor: How It Should Have Ended*

Today IS Tuesday, and a Norse day, and I think this kind of qualifies as Norse-ish at least. um. I hope. I am working on a real post for the future, I promise, but in the meantime, enjoy the entertainment!

*I don't actually think this is how the movie should have ended, of course, though I would kill to see Thor, Batman, and Superman sitting around in a diner, drinking coffee and chit-chatting. I kind of love this just as much as I love Thor vs. Green Lantern.

Also, does Thor and Jane Foster counts as an affair of the gods? I am totally labeling it this way. Because this is my blog, and I totally can.


  1. I haven't seen Thor yet (please don't hurt me) so I'm not sure if I should watch this yet. I want to, but don't want to ruin the real ending at all--I hate knowing what's going to happen!

  2. Haha. um. I'm not sure it's really much of a spoiler, but yeah-- it's probably better if you wait :) Also, I will forgive you for not having seen it yet! FOR NOW.


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