Tuesday, October 08, 2013

FATE FORGOTTEN Bookmarks and Street Team Sign-up!

Friends, I have been holding this back for MONTHS, but it is time to share with you the Fate Forgotten bookmarks and banner art!

BOOKMARKS FIRST! They're so pretty, I'm beside myself. And I have a LOT of them -- which means more Fate Forgotten love to spread around! If you're interested in being part of the FATE FORGOTTEN bookmarks extravaganza and general street-teaming, you can sign up in the rafflecopter below because there-be-prizes for your participation! Including a signed paperback copy of FATE FORGOTTEN, deliverable after release!

And below are my beautiful Fate Forgotten banners -- one for blogs and one for facebook! Again, mark yourself down with a bonus entry on the rafflecopter in that category, and I will email the arts to you directly to post where you will, along with an avatar image for twitter/facebook. To be eligible for that bonus point drawing, you just have to post the banner/avatar on release day, November 5th! Either or will do!

For blogs! Klikky to Embiggen!

For Facebook! Klikk Klikk to view full size!

Adam and Eve -- looking like they're BOTH kind of tempted to destroy the world! Find out if they give in, or if this is all just a big tease in FATE FORGOTTEN! November 5! In the meantime, sign up to be part of the release by street-teaming it, below!

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  1. Ahhh! It didn't let me put my address. I hope you still have it? If not, email me!!

  2. Can I still do that bookmark thing, to distribute them on my area, if I live outside of USA? Or is it only for people who lives in USA?


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