Friday, October 04, 2013

#ThorLove Bloghop! With Prizes! Coming November 5th!

The fabulous S.T. Bende and I are hosting a bloghop to celebrate the release of FATE FORGOTTEN, the second book in the Fate of the Gods series, and also S.T.’s Elsker Saga, featuring Thor’s stepson, Ull! The Theme for this fantastic event? THOR LOVE, of course!

To participate, sign up with Mr. Linky, and then from November 5th (Fate Forgotten’s release day!) through the 8th (Thor: The Dark World’s release in theaters!) post about your favorite Thor in pop culture, or, if pop-culture isn’t serving your Thor Love properly, post a creative Ode to Thor of your own!* Any Thor is fair game, be he from comics, novels (mine and S.T.’s too, of course!), television, movies, music, or ye olde Norse Myths! After that, just link back to our blogs and the bloghop, and include the bloghop banner in your post! Bonus prize-entry points for spreading the word – just make sure to klikky the appropriate entries on the rafflecopter (when it goes live in November) and provide links!

And of course there are prizes! To celebrate the Thor Love properly we’re giving away a slew of Norse/Thor literature and swag! The Grand Prize will feature a signed print copy of both FORGED BY FATE and FATE FORGOTTEN, an e-edition of Elsker and Endre, (Marvel’s) Thor comics, an ARC of HOUNDED by Kevin Hearne, Thor and Avengers movie trading cards, and of course some awesome Fate of the Gods/Elsker Saga sundries! Also, one runner-up will get a Thor graphic novel, e-edition of Fate Forgotten and Tempting Fate, and e-editions of Elsker and Endre, plus sundries!

1. Spread the Word – Thor Love Bloghop, November 5th-8th!
2. Sign up with Mr. Linky
3. Post about Thor
4. Link back and banner up in your post
5. Enter to win via rafflecopter
6. Enjoy reading about everyone’s #ThorLove on the blogs of other participants!
Sign ups begin NOW!

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*But, you know, keep it PG13. Shirtless Thor is totally okay, but pantsless Thor (in words or pictures) is a little too far for this event, and subject to disqualification. (Not that I don't love a little smexy Thor, but we want this to be all-ages friendly!)


  1. I am so in as I have read so many norse fantasy books which feature varieties of Thor so I would love to do a comparison.

  2. This should be a lot of fun! Excited to be a part of it :D

  3. Replies
    1. Ack, this is me, apparently I don't understand blogger.

    2. no worries :) I'm excited to have you on board!!

  4. Count me in!! (Any excuse to blather on about "The Almighty Johnsons" actually!)


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