Thursday, October 17, 2013

Timetraveling Sketch Party

So, while helping my mother assemble the notes she needed to teach a course on New Testament scripture (yes, that does explain some things, doesn't it?) I came across a handful of my own art from back in the day -- also known as high school. Twelve Years Ago, I apparently had so much time on my hands that I colored a sketch in paint, also so. There's that, too.

For Your Pleasure, a peek at high school me's artistry (or lackthereof -- you decide!)

and, with glorious paint-in-color!

Some of you might recognize this pose/etc from the cover art for Anne McCaffrey's The Rowan, which was one of my most favorite novels at the time. (I still enjoy it, but not with the same ardor as I did then.) 

I think I like the pencil version better. But man, what a trip down memory lane. It's like reading old high-school writing or something, to find these things. And it makes me want to get serious about art-other-than-writing again.

Maybe someday!

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  1. I like the pencil one. Strong lines.
    Sorry, can't join the blogfest - IWSG that week and I am co-hosting a blogfest.

    1. Thanks! the pencil is definitely better than the colored version, no question!


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