Tuesday, November 04, 2014

2nd Annual #NameThatButt: Round 5

So who did Round 4's fabulous backside belong to?



and the full deets:
Edward McCarten
American, 1879-1947

Rules are now behind the cut for Tuesday posts because I kind of hate looking at them, but be sure to check them out if you haven't!

**You Must Name both Butt A and Butt B individually and correctly for full points!**
If you name them both, but match the wrong name to the wrong butt, you'll get 2.5 points instead of the full 5. HOWEVER, if you name them both correctly, matched to the right butt, I'm offering a bonus 2.5 points, for a total of 7.5!
Also note: To capture both these backsides for your gaming pleasure, I had to cull from two differently angled pictures of the same sculpture.

Butt A:

And Butt B:

Your Clues:
  1. This sculpture is also a fountain!
  2. Butt A is well known for affairs with its "opposite" number among the gods, and 
  3. Butt B is the result!
  4. Helen of Troy might well have cursed Butt A's name for all the trouble those fine, flattish globes brought her!

Drop your guesses in the comments! You have until 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, November 6th for MAXIMUM pointage! 

  • Comments will be moderated.  You will NOT see your comment appear immediately after posting! 
  • I post a butt and clues, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, you get 5 points. 
  • If you CORRECTLY identify the artistic work (title/artist) in question, you earn a bonus 5 points total: 2.5 for title, 2.5 for artist. (Provided of course, that it differs from the subject's name alone and the artist is known at all)
  • The following Friday, I reveal the full backside image of the sculpture in question! If at this time you can correctly identify artist/title/subject of the piece, you can earn up to 3 points (total -- 1 point for artist, 1 point for title, 1 point for subject) 
  • You may guess artist/title/subject until the next round of NAME THAT BUTT begins. (Usually the next Tuesday -- I'll reveal the previous week's sculpture and offer the next butt for guessing!)
  • I'll keep a running tally of correct answers/points, with occasional updates of who is "winning."
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable for the subject guesses. For example, if the butt belongs to Mercury, I will also accept Hermes as a correct answer.
  • A new NAME THAT BUTT may NOT be posted every week, depending on Things.  And all Name That Butt photos belong to me (unless otherwise noted)! Please do not reuse without permission.
  • There will be Prizes at the finish. They will be shipped internationally. 

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  1. Ooh, I'm going to take a guess that this is Venus/Aphrodite (A) and Cupid/Eros (B).

    And that this is the "Venus And Cupid" fountain, by "a follower of Giovanni Bologna" ?? *crosses fingers*

  2. We're looking at Aphrodite and Eros... but because everyone loooooves the Romans so much more than the Greeks *cough* hacks! *cough*....
    Venus and Cupid, after Giovanni Bologna, ca 1575

  3. Hmm. I'm a bit confuddled, but will guess that Butt A is Aphrodite & Butt B is Eris. Though that would be a weird grouping for a fountain. I'm thrown by "opposite number", though -- I can't think of any affairs among the gods other than Aphrodite & Ares. Will await the reveal with interest!

  4. For the record, Butt A is Aphrodite
    Butt B is Cupid. The little shit. Can you tell that I dislike cupids? Yeah. Eros is much more awesome. Srsly. Eros has a smokin' hawt wife and a great love story... what does Cupid have? A diaper. *sigh* Romans. What can you do?

  5. Butt A: Venus
    Butt B: Cupid

    "Venus and Cupid" by Giovanni Bologna (or a "follower of" him - not sure what that means)


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