Friday, November 14, 2014

2nd Annual #NameThatButt: Round 6.5!

This is our LAST CRACK (hahaha butt puns) at #NAMEthatBUTT until next year -- and I've got another small bonus for this second-chance round, as well!
First person to guess correctly AND include a brief, humorous recounting of their favorite myth involving said butt, gets an additional 3 points. (If you guess artist, subject, and Name That Butt correctly, that means you can earn a max of 6 points!)

Also, let's talk about The Prizes
  • Postcards of Butts (for the grand prize and runner(s) up!)
AND the player with the MOST points will have their choice of:
  1. A 2nd Annual #NameThatButt Champion t-shirt (yes it will have a butt, yes, it will say you are the champion, I may even offer you a limited choice of which butt -- depending on which butts have the resolution for t-shirting. I should be able to offer Hercules, at least. Not sure who else yet!)
  2. an autographed copy of a Fate of the Gods book of their choice (FORGED BY FATE, FATE FORGOTTEN, TAMING FATE, or BEYOND FATE, or I also have an ARC of the POSTCARDS FROM ASGARD novella which I'll be happy to sign and send, if you have all the others).
  • Comments will be moderated.  You will NOT see your comment appear immediately after posting! 
  • I post a butt and clues, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, you get 5 points. 
  • If you CORRECTLY identify the artistic work (title/artist) in question, you earn a bonus 5 points total: 2.5 for title, 2.5 for artist. (Provided of course, that it differs from the subject's name alone and the artist is known at all)
  • The following Friday, I reveal the full backside image of the sculpture in question! If at this time you can correctly identify artist/title/subject of the piece, you can earn up to 3 points (total -- 1 point for artist, 1 point for title, 1 point for subject) 
  • You may guess artist/title/subject until the next round of NAME THAT BUTT begins. (Usually the next Tuesday -- I'll reveal the previous week's sculpture and offer the next butt for guessing!)
  • I'll keep a running tally of correct answers/points, with occasional updates of who is "winning."
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable for the subject guesses. For example, if the butt belongs to Mercury, I will also accept Hermes as a correct answer.
  • A new NAME THAT BUTT may NOT be posted every week, depending on Things.  And all Name That Butt photos belong to me (unless otherwise noted)! Please do not reuse without permission.
  • There will be Prizes at the finish. They will be shipped internationally. 

SO, let's get to the final full backside of beauty and grace:

And the Final Clue(s):
  1. This butt could be said to have an earth-shaking personality! 
  2. I never realized how much this butt had in common with Loki until now.
  3. Seriously it is a revelation!

Drop your final guesses in the comments of this post! You have until 11:59pm on Monday, November 17th to Name This Butt! Go go go!

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Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1) * Postcards from Asgard
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  1. Holy shit snacks!
    The earth-shaker is Poseidon. It's Poseidon, not Loki. You seriously made my head explode. I mean, sure Poseion's got some horses but it's not the first one you think of, wow. Okay, I'm off to try and find the statue now.

    1. hahaha. you made MY head explode when you guessed Loki!!

  2. I've already guessed the butt and the statue, but my fave myth involving Poseidon has to be the competition for Athens.

    Both Poseidon and Athena wanted to be patron of the new city, but the people couldn't choose. So, it was decided that both gods would give the city a gift, and whichever one was better would win the city.

    Poseidon let out a mighty roar, thrust his trident into the ground, and produced a spring of water. The water was salty and disgusting - undrinkable and useless. Athena smiled and an olive tree grew. The olive tree produced olives, which could be eaten by themselves or turned into oil, the wood could be carved or burnt, and the tree itself was pretty and would provide shade. The choice was obvious.

    Poseidon was so bitter and angry that he caused a tidal wave of sea water to crash over the land and drown the city. After the sea water receded, he cursed Athens, saying that they would never have enough water - a curse that is said to last to this very day...


    1. That is a pretty epic story. Poseidon really is something else. And for all of that, he still feels somehow more approachable than Zeus, to me!

  3. there are only so many times a girl can google search "Poseidon and hippocampus" and get back statues of "Neptune and Dolphin" before I pull The Internetz aside and gently explain the difference between a hippocampus and a damn dolphin.

    1. Ahahahha. Yeah, I can totally 100% see that being infuriating!

  4. Artist: After Michel Anguier (French, b. ca. 1612–1686)
    Title: Neptune agité (ca. 1800–1899)

    Aaaaand, I don't think I have a homorous take on any Poseidon stories tbh. Truthfully, my current favorite stories that involve Poseidon are the Percy Jackson novels!!! Although, to be fair, the other day I was passing over some random trivia on Hestia (the goddess that I am dedicated to) - and she was only wooed by two suitors: Apollo and Poseidon (both unsuccessful, after which she swore off all men).

    And I kinda looked at that list and thought, "I can live with that. I mean, those are two pretty awesome gods - if you gotta get woo'd by a god - you could do worse."

    So there you go for your next ironic t-shirt... Poseidon: eh, you could do worse.

    1. OMG. I LOVE Poseidon in the Percy Jackson books! His outfits are PERFECTION.

      And I think Aethra would agree :P


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