Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Bonus Content

In case you're anxiously anticipating, the latest installment of the Not-Yet-Of Troy series is up and awaiting your pleasure to read it! If you're not caught up, links to the other two letters are in that post as well. I'm just that thoughtful.

This is a pair of letters, written between Theseus, King of Athens (oh, Theseus. What will we do with you?), and King Tyndareus of Lacedaemon/Sparta and Helen's father.

As far as NaNoWriMo goes, I'm up to 65K, but I'm procrastinating because I know there is no happy ending, and I just feel bad for Helen and Theseus. My goal is to finish it up by Sunday, so it's all done before I head home for Thanksgiving with my family, otherwise I know I'm going to be sitting around staring at my laptop all week, cranky that people are interrupting me while I try to write. Wish me luck!


  1. People just don't understand that they shouldn't interrupt writers! My husband will come in and sit next to me, doing nothing. Then he wonders why I get cranky- who can work with someone staring at them?

    I'll check the links out!

  2. I finally broke my husband of the habit of commenting on random lines he happens to see while peering over my shoulder, but he still does the staring routine, which drives me nuts! Someday, I will have an office!

    I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the letters! They're just little, short flash fiction type things, but I really enjoy them. And enjoy having a website want to publish them! haha.

  3. Loved the letters! And I have to say, I'm impressed. There was one letter I had to write for Hatshepsut and one speech. Both of them almost killed me. It's hard to know how formal to go and what titles to put where and how to keep the tone true to the time period without making a modern reader want to yawn. Your letters are great!

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I really appreciate that!

    I have to admit that with the kings, I loved playing with the titles and the grandstanding, because judging by Homer's Iliad, they really hammed it up! I can just see them trying to out do one another with relationships to heroes and divine beings, trying to make themselves sound as impressive as possible...


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