Monday, November 23, 2009

Unstoppable Bonus Content Through Thanksgiving!

I'm spending this week with my family in upstate New York, so my posts are going to be kind of brief.

I haven't quite wrapped up Helen yet, which is driving me a little bit crazy. I was hoping to have it finished yesterday, before I hit the road to travel, or at worst, in the car on the way up, but it didn't happen. What I DID finish up, was writing the letters for the Not-Yet-Of Troy series on GeekaChicas. Even though it's Thanksgiving in the USofA, GeekaChicas is going strong all week with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts of my series!

Today you can read Theseus's response to Helen. And I urge you to go check out the previous letters if you haven't already. They're all linked to in the post on GeekaChicas for ease of access, and each one comes with some historical background. Or writerly background, in this case, as I discuss the challenges of writing from the outline of a well documented myth.

On Wednesday, there will be a pair of letters between Theseus and Pirithous, and Friday will bring a set between Helen and Meneleus. The series will wrap up on Monday next week, the last day of November, while National Novel Writing Month participants scrambled to get their last words in and their novel validated for the win.. If you're waiting for the series to finish before you dive in, I'll be recapping all the links on December 1 on this blog.

Happy Monday!


  1. I like the letter! It made me stop and think- would Theseus really have written to little Helen? But then I thought of various presidents throughout our own history who have taken time to write to kids.

    And I know what you mean about having to hit certain plot points. There was a whole list of things I had to hit for Hatshepsut, but it was kind of nice because I always knew where I was heading. And I played with the details too.

  2. Theseus is also currently in Sparta/Lacedaemon when Helen writes to him. The whole purpose of his presence there is to celebrate her birthday and scope her out as a potential bride-- so I don't think he could get away with overlooking her! Not if he wanted things to work out.

    I don't mind having the plot points and the outline-- but I hate not having the option of a happy ending to give to Helen... I'm glad that Hatshepsut gets to triumph for a while as Pharaoh!


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