Monday, November 09, 2009

A new Not-Yet-Of Troy Letter! Et Cetera.

Hey guys! I thought you'd be interested in getting the heads up that the next letter in the series of Not-Yet-Of Troy posts for my book on Helen is up!

This letter is from Pollux, in response to Helen's previous warning and plea. Pollux is Helen's brother, and is often attributed as being a son of Zeus, born of the same Rape of Leda as Helen. Clytemnestra and Castor are usually considered to be the full sons of Tyndareus, without the same demi-god/immortal father aspect. I wonder if they had inferiority complexes...

The next letter will be between the Kings Tyndareus of Sparta/Lacedaemon, and Theseus of Athens. You'll be getting two, because they're rather shorter and much more formal in context, so keep an eye out for the link!

In other news, I just cruised by the 50K mark last night, but my goal is to finish the book-- so I'm still going to be writing and sticking with the less frequent posting over here for the month. Let me tell you, there will be a lot of revision work to come when I'm done!

I'm formulating some thoughts on Mythology and what constitutes "Source" for an upcoming post, but have been somewhat distracted by writing, and haven't put it together coherently yet. There have been a lot of challenges with this book that I didn't exactly anticipate, and will hopefully be able to discuss tomorrow.


  1. I'm amazed at the speed you're writing this. Wish I could write that fast.

  2. The funny thing is--last year it was a big deal to me that I was able to cross 50K by the 25th. I don't know what happened in my brain this year, but I'm kind of excited that the switch was flipped. That being said--there's a lot of stuff in this first 50K that is going to be cut and trashed the MINUTE I've verified my wordcount. Now that the 50K pressure is off, I'm working a lot more slowly/carefully.


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