Friday, October 22, 2010

We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Broadcast...

I'm sorry to tell you guys that the MUNG has come to my household, and writing this blogpost telling you we are ill is the best I can offer at the moment. It seems that I caught something, then gave it to El Husband. Neither one of us is thrilled with the situation.

I have however been able to do some revision work, in spite of the mung, so I'm feeling pretty good about THAT at least. It's kept me hopping though, and so today's blogpost must suffer for that success. You will all be happy to know, also, that I ordered the next two Hunger Games books. Soon, I will be among those who have read the entire trilogy, and you can all speak freely in my presence.

So there we have it.

Please send the get well soon vibes so that I'm healthy in time for the NaNo kick off party in my region on Saturday! I don't want to miss it again this year!


  1. Get well soon! T'would be a shame to miss the start of NaNo because of mung.

  2. Down with the mung! Sending healthy vibes your way. Hope you feel better by the kick-off party.

  3. Aw...*sends get well vibes and hugs*!

  4. Here's a literal get-well-soon for you, Amalia...

  5. mung/məNG/Noun
    1. A small round green bean.
    2. The tropical Old World plant (Vigna radiata, or Phaseolus aureus) that yields these beans, commonly grown as a source of bean sprouts.

  6. Thanks everyone! Slowly but surely we're improving--it looks like we are going to miss the party tomorrow though. I would not wish this illness on anyone, especially not my fellow Nano participants!

  7. Stomach bugs are the WORST!!! I'm glad you're feeling better :)

  8. Thanks, Diana! And Everyone! The get well soon vibes definitely made a difference :)

  9. Has it left your house yet? Poor you guys!


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