Friday, July 15, 2011

And the WINNER is...

With the help of on which website I rolled some virtual dice, the winner of the autographed copies of Kevin Hearne's HOUNDED and HEXED is:


Congratulations to you! Your fancy signed books will arrive by media mail in the not too distant future, once I get your address! I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks to everyone who entered and tweeted and retweeted this giveaway! And thanks for reading the interview and following the blog! I don't usually do a lot of giveaways, but there MAY be another coming later sometime this year possibly. You will just have to stick around and find out, I guess!

Also, if you haven't seen it, JOHN CARTER OF MARS TRAILER GUYS!!!

All of which has not very much to do with mythology or history, but is still awesome. So There!


  1. The trailer, no really, it just pushed this post to 110%. Is it me or is this a sort of Hollywood version of steampunk, but with shiny tech colliding with turn of last century style?

    I mean cowboys and aliens and this. Heck, I even expect it to see it in the new Conan movie.

  2. Well, to be fair, Edgar Rice Burroughs populated Mars with this kind of tech long before Hollywood decided it was fashionable. What I'm seeing from the trailer matches a lot of what I was envisioning in my head while reading.

  3. Cool! Never heard of this movie/story though...

  4. It is a pulp sci fi classic! Edgar Rice Burroughs, A PRINCESS OF MARS is the first book. I think there are around 12 of them. The first four, at least, are on Project Gutenburg (sp?).


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