Tuesday, July 05, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Hounded and Hexed by Kevin Hearne!

Friends and followers, if you found my interview with Kevin Hearne interesting*, I have the giveaway for you!

Leave a comment on this post before July 12 with your email address and become a follower of my blog, and you will be entered to win a copy of HOUNDED and HEXED-- both autographed by the man himself! You Must be a Follower of The Blog to be Eligible To Win, but otherwise that's it!** I will pick a name (out of those who left comments) from a hat (figuratively! Most likely this will involve me asking el husband to pick a number) and email the winner by July 15th, then put the books in the mail once I get the appropriate address. USA only, I'm afraid, because I frequently suffer from attacks of cheap.

Do feel free to follow Kevin Hearne on Twitter, also, because he is a cool kind of dude. No bonus entries though, because in addition to attacks of cheap, I am allergic to spreadsheets. Make of that what you will!

Not-so-fine print below.

Comment away!

*if you have not read said interview, what the heck are you waiting for? Go feast your eyes on mythology related questions and answers.

**There is always a slight chance that the world will blow up in my face and I will not be able to obtain autographs, if this is the case, I apologize, but you will still get two fun books to read. Autographs ACHIEVED! Also, I reserve the right to alter the deal in Darth Vader fashion, but you may pray I do not alter it any further.

Also, in Unrelated News: I must take a quick blog hiatus (wedding 2 of 3 this summer)-- so there won't be a new post on Friday, July 8th. I also cannot promise anything for Tuesday, July 12, but I will for sure be posting again by the 15th, even if it is just to announce a winner. (See how conveniently I timed this contest without even meaning to?)

This concludes my excessive use of parentheticals! Thank you for your time and cooperation!


  1. Awesome interview! And what a cool contest! :D

  2. Oo oo!! scifipoinsettia@gmail.com

  3. Oooo, me too! Me too! comments AT heathercalaway DOT com

  4. I am totally jealous. There are no author events happening anywhere near me ever, it seems. One day!

    Also: Wooo, count me in! I love contests. ztringali AT gmail DOT com!

  5. I loved that interview and I really want to get my hands on those books. Enter me please!


  6. Count me in too, please!

    tapestry1000 at yahoo dot com

  7. Done and done.

  8. I seriously loved the questions you asked in the interview. I can never get past the dang Fraggles. Reading stuff from two people who know their business is always beyond deliciousness. :)

    pherlaithiel at gmail dot com

  9. Hearne's Iron Druid had me at Clan Rathskeller (the prequel). Can't wait for the series to continue on!

    -Lynie (mergekat@charter.net)

  10. Great stuff! I was hooked at the first paragraph of HOUNDED. And Kevin's such a nice guy to be doing this!


  11. *le sigh* Oh, how your Star War's references bring a smile to my face:)


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