Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Name That Butt, Round One REVEAL!

Two blogposts today because I did not want to take away from Stephanie Thornton's fabulous guestpost!

photo © me!


So to recap, and a SLIGHT Tweak on the rules for next time (changes are in bold!):

  • I post a butt and ONE clue, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, and you're the first person who does, you get 7.5 points. 
  • If you guess right after someone else already has guessed correctly, you get 5 points. 
  • The following Friday, I post the FULL backside, with another clue or two, and you may guess again. 
  • If you guess correctly on Friday or later, you only get 2.5 points. 
  • The next Tuesday, the answer is revealed, with a frontal view of the sculpture in question, and I'll keep a running tally of correct answers, with occasional updates of who is "winning." 
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable, because half of these sculptures were probably titled with their Roman names but in my head, they immediately translate to the Greek, and that's how I remember them when I'm organizing my photos.
  • The game will continue for as long as I have photographs of backsides to share, but a new NAME THAT BUTT may not be posted every week, depending on Things. 
  • Comments are Moderated!! So don't worry if you don't see the comment go live. I'm holding it back so no one can steal your guess!

What can I say? You all were just too good at naming that butt last week! Time to up the ante a little and give you a BIT more of a challenge. Again, so as not to compete with Steph's guest post, The NEXT BUTT will be posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, so get those guessing pants washed and ready to wear!

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