Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Round Two REVEAL! and NAME THAT BUTT Round THREE begins NOW!

Round Two's Butt belonged to:


The Goddess of the Hunt, herself: 

(This particular sculpture is titled Diana and a Hound, by Paul Manship! In person, it feels pretty Art Deco, which is fitting since it's from 1925.)

Pat yourself on the back if you guessed this one with just the obscured butt and the first clue! 


The Rules:
  • I post a butt and ONE clue, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, and you're the first person who does, you get 7.5 points. 
  • If you guess right after someone else already has guessed correctly, you get 5 points. 
  • The following Friday, I post the FULL backside, with another clue or two, and you may guess again. 
  • If you guess correctly on Friday or later, you only get 2.5 points. 
  • The next Tuesday, the answer is revealed, with a frontal view of the sculpture in question, and I'll keep a running tally of correct answers, with occasional updates of who is "winning." 
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable, because half of these sculptures were probably titled with their Roman names but in my head, they immediately translate to the Greek, and that's how I remember them when I'm organizing my photos.
  • The game will continue for as long as I have photographs of backsides to share, but a new NAME THAT BUTT may not be posted every week, depending on Things. 
The Butt:

Your Clue:

1) This luscious behind was the subject of more than just wolf-whistling in its day. 
BONUS clue because last week was so hard and I want you guys to get ALL THE POINTS:
2) The Hunter becomes the Hunted Butt! 

And you have until 11:59pm Eastern on August 1st to get your full five points!


  1. Vis a vis the last one - gods, I am a moron. Of course it's Artemis!! (I had it in my head that it was male, for some reason. Silly girl.)

    For this one, I'm guessing Actaeon!!

    (Also - um, if you google the Paul Manship "Diana" statue - this one comes up too. Just a heads up!!)


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(Nota Bene: During #NAMEthatBUTT season, all comments are moderated and your guesses are hidden until after the butt is revealed!)