Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Rules:
  • I post a butt and ONE clue, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, and you're the first person who does, you get 7.5 points. (Comments are moderated!)
  • If you guess right after someone else already has guessed correctly, you get 5 points. 
  • The following Friday, I post the FULL backside, with another clue or two, and you may guess again. 
  • If you guess correctly on Friday or later, you only get 2.5 points. 
  • The next Tuesday, the answer is revealed, with a frontal view of the sculpture in question, and I'll keep a running tally of correct answers, with occasional updates of who is "winning." 
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable, because half of these sculptures were probably titled with their Roman names but in my head, they immediately translate to the Greek, and that's how I remember them when I'm organizing my photos.
  • The game will continue for as long as I have photographs of backsides to share, but a new NAME THAT BUTT may not be posted every week, depending on Things. 
AND This Week's BUTT:

photo © me!

And Your Clue:

1) This half-hidden hiney appears to have authored a number of deaths, resulting in more than one constellation.
Guess away! You have until Thursday, July 25th 11:59pm Eastern to get your full 5 points!

(Our current leader in points is Magell! There's plenty of time to dethrone him and claim the title of COMMANDER OF BUTTS! And there will be a prize now, of some sort, at the game's end, whether it will be book-related or gift-card related or something just plain silly is still undecided.)

ETA: RIN ADAMS! YOU won THE SECRET HISTORY giveaway! Email me to claim your prize: amaliatdillin(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Mmm. This one is difficult!!! I have three options--I'm gonna go with Hercules. Cuz he seems the best fit...(I'm so sure I'm wrong..)

  2. Oi! Authored or enacted? If the latter, Heracles! If the former, Hera!

    Who... generally didn't run around bare-assed, but I figure you hunted a lot of butts for this. XD

  3. This butt is hard to decipher... since you mentioned lots of deaths, I'll go with Ares, god of war!

  4. Ooh, that one's way harder!!

    I'm going to go with my first instinct (although it's almost certainly wrong), and have another guess on Friday.


  5. Shot in the dark Dionysus...? Not enough knowledge about mythology to really play this game but I'm like a dog chasing a bus. ENJOYING IT ANYWAY. :)

  6. It must be a greek god, butttt I have no clue.



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