Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Forged by Fate is FREE!

It's that time again!

FORGED BY FATE is now FREE in digital wide release--Nook, Kobo, Apple, Scribd, Kindle, go! I'm working on getting it price matched on the zon's international sites but for whatever reason, and despite the email telling me they've done it, the free pricing hasn't gone through yet, so--Fingers Crossed, I suppose?

And don't forget that:

1) FORGED BY FATE technically ends at Christmas so it COULD be a legit holiday read if you subscribe to the "anything that has a Christmas adjacent timeline is a Christmas story" school of holiday reading.


2) I ALSO have an EXPLICITLY holiday themed historical fantasy romance installment in the Fate of the Gods series--the novella, TAMING FATE!

TAMING FATE primarily takes place during the ACTUAL twelve days of Christmas, as celebrated in 15thC France, and you can grab it either on its own, for kindle, or as part of the FACETS OF FATE collection also for kindle, AND in wide release everywhere else (plus paperback!) 

Honestly, I recommend just grabbing it as part of FACETS OF FATE because I still haven't spun out the bonus BEYOND FATE epilogue novella, FINDING FATE, that is exclusively available in that collection, so you're get 3 novellas, plus some short stories, all for the price of 2 if you bought them as independent titles, and it's nice to just have so many of the extra stories and novellas all collected that way, if you ask me--which I realize you didn't. 

With the new cover art, FACETS would also make a great paperback gift for the FATE OF THE GODS enthusiast in your life! (Though I'd order RIGHT NOW, if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas!)

And uh, as with any good Fate of the Gods post going forward, here's an obligatory link to the reading order for your reference.

If you've already caught up on all the Fate of the Gods content I've put out--you're fantastic and my hero--it might interest you to know that I am poking at a Roman Gaul Thor and Evaline House of Lions novella probably which would take place during the events of FATE FORGOTTEN, and yes, there still is a third of a book from Ra and Athena's PoV in a folder on my hard drive which I would like to continue writing when the time is right. 

I've shared tastes of both over on Patreon, I believe, which you can read for as little as a dollar a month, along with the entirety of SON OF ZEUS, Pirithous's modern day adventure, and the in-progress COST OF LIVING--my very first novel, brought back to life as a serial billionaire romance exclusively available to my Patreon patrons! (Long time readers of the blog will perhaps remember--this is Thairon and Setta's book which has aged very strangely as the genesis for a lot of other stories I went on to write, but was still delightful to me to revisit!)

Chapters 1 and 2 of COST OF LIVING are free to read, in case you need a little bit more encouragement to sign on as a patron! They were pretty long, so I broke each one up into two pieces--so it's four posts of free reading for you to get a sense of the characters and the story! I hope you'll come read along!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I have been dropping some extremely scandalous 🔥🔥🔥 teasers from my Amalia Theresa Playing to Win holiday special, WINTER GAMES over on instagram if that is your jam, so feel free to pop over and check those out! I had such a blast designing the stepback covers to save my family from the searing hot sexiness of it all. (The final one will drop tomorrrroooowwwww!)

And with that, I wish you a VERY GLAD YULE (which starts tomorrow for me!) and good health and happiness to you and yours in the new year!

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