Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fight Scene Day!

So I only just heard about this fest today, but I'm determined to participate! Yesterday was Fight Scene Day! Hosted by Mireyah Wolfe at Crimson Ink. Head over to her blog to see who else is participating, and enjoy a day of violence to get you through all your shopping this month, when you have to slog through aisles and aisles of red hearts and flowers :)

I don't actually have a lot of physical fights in my books. I have one GREAT scene between Thor and Loki, which might be hands down my favorite fight in life, but it isn't one I can really share right now without giving away spoilers, so the only real fights I have to contribute are only quasi-fights. Still! I will not be stopped! So here you have it! Some good old Adam vs. Thor! And the first scene I've revealed on this blog not written from Eve's PoV.

Note Please, that this is only a draft. And I'm terrible at writing physical fight scenes, to be honest with you.

[Excerpt removed]

And just a heads up, while we're festing, Courtney Reese will be hosting the Love At First Sight Blogfest come February 14th! I have no idea what I'm posting for it yet, but you can be sure I'll be taking part. :)

P.S. I'm in the process of trying to find some suitable Scandinavian turn of phrase to replace "You arrogant cur," but so far, no luck. I'm taking all suggestions into consideration!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Interesting premise!

    I'm posting a day late too.

  2. This looks great, Amalia!

    I think I can see why you ended up liking Thor so much while writing, haha. He really steals the show! I think you do a good job of portraying Thor's size and strength here, too. I like the idea of how he's so powerful Adam knows he could die in an instant, but also counts on his mental state to stop him. Is this from the book you're revising now?

    Also: I had to join into this Fight Scene Day once I saw your post! Hah.

  3. That was a great scene!! The premise of your book sounds really cool as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Trinza: Yes and no is the answer to your question. This particular scene is not in the book that I'm revising, but it COULD have been, if I had not had to end it where I did.

    Yeah-- Thor takes over. He started out as a character that didn't appear until the very end of the book (before the book was broken down into three parts) and ended up with his own storyline of AWESOME. Thanks for the comment!

    And I guess I'm celebrating Fight Scene Day a day late, but you know, it was just too good to pass up, and my blogroll was flooded with fight scene day participants, so I figure why not?

    Michelle and Elle: Thanks! I'll be checking out the other blogs signed up later today! :)

  5. Jade: Thanks! I love playing with mythologies and putting them together in new ways :)

  6. Oh Thor, some millennium, you'll look back and feel so embarrassed.

  7. Jesse: I'm not sure Thor knows what embarrassment means :P

    Bethany: Thanks! I enjoyed your tribute to the fight scene, also! :)

  8. I liked your action! I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. :) And cur didn't feel out of place to me at all either.

    I am so with Thor in this fight though. And not just because he's the more powerful one. Hehe!

  9. Man, I missed out on this blogfest, but I guess I'll survive.

    You know I'm totally intrigued by this latest development! :) Good luck with the cursing- I find that to be lots of fun when I have to come up with ancient Egyptian cursing.

  10. Thanks, Stephanie!

    Yeah, the cursing should be an adventure-- I just have to find the right words. At least I have contacts with fluent speakers now!


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