Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kind of Last Minute--Whoops! Blogfest Alert.

I have been reminded that the Whoops! Blogfest is coming TOMORROW, brought to us by Laurel. Now for myself, I'm not entirely certain what, if any, whoops moments I have to share, so I haven't signed up yet-- but I'm going to think long and hard today and hopefully come up with something!

In the meantime, you should all go check it out and see if you've got some good Whoops! stuff to share!


  1. Well, really, I don't have anything, either. I mean, I have some pretty terrible stuff from first drafts before...but I am discovering more and more that I can't back down from these blogfests. I'm totally addicted! It's terrible! Really! I have signed up for three of them, as of late...I'll have to include the latest in my next post.

  2. Hmmm... I have some of these, but had some other stuff planned for tomorrow's post. We'll see what I'm feeling like when it's time to post!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. You can always post a scene from a favorite author or a FailBlog video that had you rolling. And embarrassing true stories are also welcome!

  4. I've got a semi-whoops scene-- it isn't FUNNY, exactly, but it involves an accident... I hope it counts!

    Sarah: I know how you feel.

    Stephanie: You can always save the stuff for Tuesday and be a day ahead of yourself!


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