Saturday, February 13, 2010

Revision Notes IX

I just cut a scene I loved.

Now I must fill the place in my heart where it was with a new scene, and hope that my book will forgive me for cruelly excising so many words.

Only Five Chapters Left.


  1. How sad! Gary Corby once told me that you're not a true writer until you've really excised your manuscript of all those words you really don't need.

    I had a beautiful scene at the Pyramids that got chopped in early revisions. It really hurt!

  2. I've chopped about 2K out, throughout. But I think the scene I wrote to replace the one I cut is AMAZING, so I'm not as upset anymore!


  3. That really hurts, but be proud you were brave enough to kill a darling, and revel in the fact your rewrite is amazing.

    Don't toss that old scene. You never know when it may come in handy. I plan to use an excised scene for tomorrow's blogfest. :)

  4. It's in an earlier document edition, so nothing is lost forever. :)

    I have NO idea what I'm posting for the blogfest tomorrow!


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