Monday, February 08, 2010

Woo! 50!

A big shout out to my fiftieth follower! I'm glad to have all 50 of you at my back and gratified that you were all interested enough to keep reading posts after stumbling across me!

Tomorrow, in honor of the statistical importance (or lack thereof) I shall discuss... More Numbers.

I leave you in anticipation, I'm sure.


  1. Numbers make my head hurt. I guess that's why I teach history! :)

  2. Ugh! Numbers?! I feel a migraine coming on. :-)

  3. BTW- I am totally thrilled about Rick Riordan's new Egyptian series. I hadn't heard of them until you pointed it out. Thanks!

    And I'm planning a blog post on your question about Egyptian views on history. I just have to get my research straight. The answer is so complicated it makes my head hurt. Cyclical time? Soooo not Western.

  4. Thanks!

    Don't worry, the numbers will be.. well.. I hope entertaining rather than headache inducing :)

    Stephanie: I'm excited for your post! And yeah-- I thought you'd be stoked about the Egyptian series. All I could think was "Man, I better finish revising before he puts out a Norse series too!"

  5. Glad to be one of the fifty. :)

    However, after working at the bank all day, more numbers may make my eyes bleed.

    I'm sure I'll stop by tomorrow anyway... which makes me a loyal follower.

  6. Amber: The Loyalist of Loyals!

    I'll try not to make your eyes bleed. The numbers will be scattered among plenty of words, and I'll even give you a nice pretty word cloud to ease you in.

  7. Yay 50! And as a former math teacher, I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrows post ;-)


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