Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revision Notes VII

Five Six Eight Nine Twelve chapters down! (2/11/10) Hopefully I can get through another three or four today, but these need a lot of work, so we'll see how it goes.

Back to work!


  1. Congrats! That's a HUGE accomplishment!

    Oh, and I'm sorry I haven't been stopping by more. My own revisions have been seriously eating up my blog hopping time. But I'm making an effort to get around more because I miss connecting with all the other bloggers!

  2. Thanks Shannon! And don't worry, I definitely understand! My own blog hopping has been limited by my trip to revision city.

    Thanks for stopping by :) Good luck with your work!!

  3. Good job!! We're ALL so busy, it's amazing how much we're getting done. Keep up the good work!

  4. One chapter at a time, that's all it takes. Before you know it, you have a book!

  5. I hope it went well for you. I did formatting yesterday- I still have page breaks that won't go away.

    Curse you, Microsoft!

  6. Thanks Diana! You are amazing! I can't imagine writing with as much going on as you have :)

    Joanne: Yes! I am making it happen!

    Stephanie: 10 chapters down! I've got 13 left to go, plus the epilogue business.


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