Monday, August 02, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza!

I know you are all going to be terribly disappointed, but I'm sorry to say that I am taking the day off! Today, Tuesday, August third, is my birthday, and so I am going to head off to celebrate it.

(Don't ask me what I'm doing yet, because I really haven't decided. I'm kind of a last minute sort of person when it comes to these things, and sometimes there are just too many options. I'm CERTAIN it will involve going out to dinner somewhere or other, and opening a few presents. Not necessarily in that order.)

Have a fabulous day, friends and followers!

(UNIVERSE, don't forget that we have a deal today. There will be none of the funny business of last year. It will be a day of UNMARRED enjoyment. Please and Thank You!)

P.S. If you're curious, I'm up to 74,600 words in my Helen rewrite, and I finally, FINALLY, got through both the first kiss (flying colors) and the wedding night scene (super awkward for ME, but the Alphas gave it a solid thumbs up across the board). It should be clear sailing from here, aside from the whole next part of the book being incredibly heart-wrenching in every way, I mean. :P



    *throws confetti*

    I hope you have a marvelous day and a super yummy dinner. And lots of cake and ice cream!

  2. Happy birthday fellow Leo - have a great one!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope the universe complies and it's a great day.

  4. *hugs* *throws spaprkles* Eeeee! Happy birthday! *hugs*

  5. MANY HAPPIES!! And congrats on all those words, AND a successful kiss scene, AND a wedding night scene!!

  6. hehehehe. Thanks Mia!

    Sarah, your birthday is just around the corner!

    and thank you VERY much, Tessa! I'm definitely feeling good with it off my chest!

  7. See there! I'm off line for six measly days and miss your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on your WIP progress!!!

    In the tarot, this is a "five" year for you - the year of the Hierophant. It's a perfect year to travel [to Iceland], move, set up a new home and try new things because the Hierophant (card five in the tarot) offers a stabilizing hand. Pack your bags!

  8. Yessss! Best news EVER, VR! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the Tarot info! I will definitely keep that in mind.

    (but I would DEARLY love to move, also-- of course moving would free up to the capital to make a trip to Iceland that much more feasible! so maybe I'll get lucky and do both! haha!)


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