Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping it Brief! and an ARC GIVEAWAY

All right friends, I am completely failing at the Helen thing right now, so my blogposts are going to be, I hope, on the briefer side of things until I finish (85,750 words and counting!).

But here is the deal!

1) I rewrote my query for BoG for the umpteenth time and a half, because the query I THOUGHT was awesome clearly isn't awesome enough judging by the responses from the trench. HUGE thanks to Tina Lynn and Miss Mia Hayson for their assistance in that endeavor! I'm still agonizing, but it SHOULD be improved. Right now (midnight) I hate everything though, so I'm going to wait until morning and see how it reads after a good night's sleep. Also going to send it out to a couple of other folks to see if they think it's working before I commit to it whole-heartedly and start proclaiming any kind of level of awesome THIS TIME.

2) I am attempting to rewrite my synopsis to make it more concise. The one I have now, I'm not entirely a fan of because it's broken up into three sections and fairly long even before it gets double spaced. I wrote it kind of off the cuff, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think I can do better. So. I'm going to give it a shot. Worst case: I go back to using the old synopsis if this one I'm writing sucks harder. Best Case: Synopsis Win. Either way: It's Practice and Practice, as we all know, Makes Perfect.


4) Shannon Whitney Messenger is doing a HUGE arc Giveaway and one of the arcs is Robin McKinley's PEGASUS. Now, I just happen to be a big fan of Robin McKinley, and this book sounds amazing. For that matter, most of the books she's giving away sound amazing! What you need to do, my followers, is head over and become a follower of Shannon's, and make sure you mention I sent you to get me some extra entry-age. You guys know I'm serious, because I rarely ever post anything about contests. SO. Go Forth. Enter to win. Let's make this happen. We don't want another episode like Frankie's Hunger Games giveaway, with that utter failure. This time, we want to win, guys! We want to Win. (No, I still haven't read The Hunger Games, but if this Helen ridiculousness keeps up... well. Let's hope it doesn't.)

5) You may be thinking that I'm using this query rewriting and synopsis rewriting as a procrastination tool so that I don't have to write the awful agony that is the end of Helen's book. You may also be right.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. haha. I'm glad you appreciated it :)

  2. *huggles* I know you can finish :)

  3. I know I can to. I have once already. I'm just... foot dragging. Get on my case if you don't hear from me by this time next week with anything!

  4. *winces* I just hope I helped, not the other way around. If you get bites, I'll take all the blame :) And for the love of the gods Helen let her finish your book!!!

  5. Tina, you were fabulous! And I will certainly blame you for the good stuff :)

  6. If you want my opinion, this is Helen's fault. She heard you say how you prefer writing from the male POV, and she's offended. You may have to find a way to make it up to her.

  7. ahahahaha! Yeah, we've had some struggles in that regard. But Helen is actually the easiest female PoV I've ever written!


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