Friday, August 06, 2010

More Iceland Stuff.

Today, whilst I was in the midst of wallowing in the self-pity of having not received a single email that was not an automated notification, I received suddenly a fabulous email.

It was from Iceland. (No, really, it was!)

You can imagine my excitement. Granted, the email was kind of sort of also sent by automata, but guys, the subject of the email?

A little email to Amalia, from Iceland, with love. 

How could I not be excited? How could I not immediately switch into Icelandic mode? How could I not follow it's directions to klikk, and visit Inspired By Iceland, a website which, among other things, streams video 24/7 of three different Icelandic sites. You guys, I watched the sun set over Jökulsárlón at like 11pm at night, Iceland time. It was incredible. It was beautiful. It was blue ice, and tiny little tourists in blue jackets walking along the melting glacier. It was birds flying by, diving and wheeling, and water rushing past rocks. It was, simply, amazing. (I also watched some kids playing hacky-sack in the park at Austorvöllur, and some waterfall action at Gullfoss. But it was the glacier that really struck me.)

I left the livecam feed up in the background and shrunk my word document to less than full screen, so I could see the water and the birds and the itty bitty people getting in and out of their cars and walking up and down the embankment. And then I went back to writing Helen (2500 words today, baby!), feeling much lighter of spirit, and wishing that I could travel there tomorrow.

And then I started thinking, surely Iceland has an MA program in Norse studies of some kind? And what a fabulous excuse that would be to go there! I looked up the University of Iceland, through which I also am learning Icelandic for free, and clicked around. While their program is not as comprehensive as the University of Aarhus in Denmark, they do have a program in Old Norse religion, and Medieval Norse Studies. What's especially awesome is that they accept credits from the University of Aarhus toward their MA program, and the courses are, for the most part, offered in English. I could learn Icelandic before I applied, then join the program and be taught to read Old Norse and the Sagas in their original language. 

But wait, I thought. How much is tuition? I did some more of that which they call Klikk.

Guys, it is ZERO dollars. The University of Iceland does not charge Tuition. Period.

 Iceland, I'm glad you want to be my friend. And I totally love you too! I promise I'll be in touch!

And if you made it through all this, my fabulous followers-- I have a question for you! An Informal Poll, if you will. In light of the birthday request I made of the universe, I was wondering: 

If a god* showed up on your doorstep in the flesh, and assuming that you knew you weren't hallucinating, would you tell anyone about your encounter afterward? Also, which god would you WANT it to be?

*by god, for the sake of argument, I mean one that is not the Judeo-Christian-Islamic All Star. I will however accept one of the many aspects of Hinduism's supreme being(s).

Also, man, if you guys had read the fine print on my awesome email from Iceland, you would be cracking up right now. It was hilarious. Whoever runs that email/letter/IcelandWantsToBeYourFriend site has a great sense of humor. 


  1. Tell anyone? We would knock said god out and steal their powaz and...yeah. Actually that would end badly. But boy the fun in the interim...

  2. Whoa! I think Iceland is practically screaming your name!

    And that sunset sounds totally beautiful- I'm a sucker for a good sunset. Or sunrise.

  3. Wow. I can't believe all of this stemmed from a random email - how cool is that?! I love this post! :-)

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  5. Nick: I can only imagine.

    Stephanie: It is! With Love!
    Also, it looks like a LOT of ice melted yesterday, but it's still pretty. Less rushing water and more just trickling water, today. :)

    Shannon: hahaha! Thank you! I feel kind of bad because I've swung so far away from anything applicable to writing, or even really history-- but at the same time, my interest in Icelandic STEMS from my writing, so maybe it is all okay.

  6. Okay. Iceland courses in Norse Sagas is on the "Bucket List" now. That sounds SO fantastic. *dreams happily for a minute*

    If god showed up on my doorstep, I might tell my hubby and a few choice friends who already think I'm insane. : )

  7. Monica: you and me both! It sounds so awesome. I am going to be working on my husband to let me ditch him for a summer or something to go take classes :)

    as for your answer: I don't even think my husband would believe me :P

  8. Amalia! That is an amazing coincidence! Iceland sent me an email with love, too!

    I think I would want...hmm. Well, I'd probably pull from the Greco-Roman Panthenon. Not Apollo...definitely not Mars. I don't know why I'm thinking just of gods. Well, I guess Athena is my fave, just because she's the goddess of wisdom and all that, so I suppose I'd go with her. But if not her, I'd like to talk to Eros. And of course--I'd tell *you!*

  9. I did not know that Iceland was your friend, also, Sarah!! How thoughtful!!

    Eros? Interesting choice!

  10. Amalia + Iceland = Destiny. :)

    On my doorstep? This weekend it would be Dionysus or Eros. Would I tell anyone about it? I haven't yet, have I?


  11. I can only hope, VR! My husband has a healthy amount of skepticism about my Iceland-love, but we shall see who triumphs there!

    Man, it seems like Eros is pretty popular around here...

  12. You're making this exceedingly difficult because you said "god" and not "demigod." We know who I would choose had you said the latter, but *sigh* I must choose another. I think I'd have to say Artemis so she could teach me how to be BA like her. She's always been one of my favorites, along with Hades. What can I say? I go with the unpopular ones. ;)

  13. hahaha. Sorry, KM. Artemis is a good choice! But Hades would definitely be interesting also! I find it fascinating that everyone who named a god went Olympic. :)


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