Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Earned Distractions

Helen: 4350 words written Monday, and counting! I flew by the 100,000 word mark, which doesn't exactly thrill me. I don't WANT to be much above 100K, but I am currently sitting shy of 106,400. Odysseus has arrived on the scene, which is always a good time. Wish he'd popped up closer to 95K than 110 though!

Television: With the excellent progress I've been making, I took a break last night to watch some Deadliest Catch. Guys, Instant Play on Netflix + Deadliest Catch = I could easily accomplish NOTHING for the next week. Deadliest Catch is the crack of reality television, in my opinion. When it's on, I can't turn it off. I mean, I am physically incapable. Those Deadliest Catch marathons on Discovery channel kill me. It's one of the reasons I'm glad we don't have cable, and most of the reason I never turn the television on when left to my own devices.

Other: A conversation on twitter prompted me to open up my Mia One-Shot short story. It's a worthless 17,000 words in length, but I love it. It interrupted my work on Helen a few months ago for a good two weeks, but it was worth the time, even though I can't do much with it. I thought, for your entertainment, and mine, I might share one of my favorite scenes today (or part of it--and it isn't revised because of Helen's takeover of my LIFE). I'm not sure the background really matters, but Mia is a determined flirt, and Jean is a Parisian born Frenchman who rather enjoys the ladies.

Ah, also, I don't actually speak any French. PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. I'm not sure how well acquainted the two of them are, but unless they've been friends for a while, it's probably unlikely he would address her with the informal tu.

  2. Dunno french, Enjoyed the excerpt though.

    TV: I'm always distracted by Wipeout on Tuesdays nights. It's an obstacle course that idiotic adults try to navigate. A lot of people getting whacked in the face and falling down. After trying to concoct intricate plots and delving into character's psyche for HOURS, it's refreshing to watch something with no plot, no drama.. just people getting knocked on their asses in amusing ways. *L*

    I also suffer from cabin fever. Sometimes, I just gotta walk. if only to release my kinked up muscles.

    My current distraction is watching my 3-yr-old daughter like a hawk to make sure she doesn't soil her pants when I'm not looking. *bleah*

  3. Anon, they are on VERY informal terms. He's the cousin of her sister's husband and up to this point they've been in very close relationship. This is kind of their break-up. Still an issue?

    Monica: ahahahaha! I can see the appeal.

    My husband suffers from cabin fever more than I do. Unfortunately he usually chases us both out of the house when I am on a roll and really getting into writing and then I'm derailed for forever. (He gets a cranky wife. You'd think he'd learn by now :P)

  4. I don't think I've read this! I want to read this!

  5. I liked this excerpt a lot. I don't know French, so don't know what's correct, but I liked the interspersing of French-isms in his conversation.

    I also really liked how you portrayed the tension/attraction between those 2.

    Julie Johnson

  6. LOVE love LOVE this (but maybe I already told you that) ;)

    Also YAY for progress!!


  7. Sarah, it awaits you in your inbox.

    Julie: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it-- and especially glad the French was not off-putting!

    Mia :) it is possible that you might have mentioned it :)

  8. I am with "America's Next Top Model" what you, apparently, are with "Deadliest Catch." I roll my eyes when Tyra says, "Smile with your eyes," but I just keep watching. I can almost feel my brain cells dying, but it's just so fabulous...

  9. ha! Well I don't necessarily feel like my brain cells are dying, but I do Zombify to an extent! It's so impossible to look away! THEY COULD DIE!

  10. Amalia,

    Having trouble posting to your comment section so I'm going to keep this short and do another test run.

    LOVED the story.

    More soon if this gets through.



  11. Thanks Doug! I'm sorry you're having trouble with commenting, but I'm glad you enjoyed reading :)

  12. Amalia,

    Computers. You know. I figured out a workaround.

    The one thing I want you to know is that I love stories from the female POV. It's a place I will never experience save through well written work like yours. You had me at "Ethan hadn't been able to keep his hands off her."

    Still curious about the French portions. How did you decide what to write?

    Thanks for the kind comment on Newborn at Ironwoodwind. I appreciate the feedback.




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