Tuesday, July 09, 2013


You read the title of this post correctly. Today, in celebration of my return to blogging, I am beginning a new feature on the blog. And it is all about butts. And mythology, of course. And sculpture, because I love sculpture so much (as we have discussed in the past, I think).

So here is the deal. When it is NAME THAT BUTT time, I will post a photograph of a backside, along with a series of clues, and you will guess to whom that backside belongs in the comments. A correct guess will net you 5 points. I will reveal the COMPLETE photograph, on the following Friday, and you may continue to guess, but a correct guess after the complete photo is revealed will result in only 2.5 points. Because, come on. On the following Tuesday, I will post the answer to the previous Tuesday's NAME THAT BUTT, and you may all congratulate yourselves on guessing correctly, because duh, if you have been reading this blog all this time, you already know your mythological backsides, I'm sure! There may or may not be prizes at some point, based on a running tally of who has the most correct guesses (and a bonus 2.5 points goes to the person who guesses correctly FIRST via timestamp) depending, but they will be small silly things, and mostly the result of me just being overly excited about NAME THAT BUTT as a thing, and even more excited that you all are embracing it, if, in fact, you actually DO embrace it, and with the internet being what it is -- one never knows!


  • I post a butt and some clues, you guess who that butt belongs to in the comments. If you guess right, and you're the first person who does, you get 7.5 points. 
  • If you guess right after someone else already has guessed correctly, you get 5 points. 
  • The following Friday, I post the FULL backside, and you may guess again. 
  • If you guess correctly on Friday or later, you only get 2.5 points. 
  • The next Tuesday, the answer is revealed, with a frontal view of the sculpture in question, and I'll keep a running tally of correct answers, with occasional updates of who is "winning." 
  • For Olympians, Greek AND Roman names are acceptable, because half of these sculptures were probably titled with their Roman names but in my head, they immediately translate to the Greek, and that's how I remember them when I'm organizing my photos.
  • The game will continue for as long as I have photographs of backsides to share, but a new NAME THAT BUTT may not be posted every week, depending on Things. 


photo © Amalia Dillin!

Your Clues:

1) More often than not, when the gods want something stolen, this handsome butt is sent to get the job done.
2) Even during war, the backside in question always has safe passage.
3) These shapely buttocks may be the great-grandparent of Odysseus' own.

You have until THURSDAY, July 11 at 11:59pm Eastern to get your guesses in!


  1. Hermes! or Mercury if you want. Love that backside.

  2. Moar like Hrrmes! Do we have to name the artist/artwork?

    1. No -- only because I was not smart enough to keep good notes about Artist/artworks when I was taking pictures. However, it sounds like it might make for a good tie-breaker type final round -- or it would if I knew the answer :P

  3. Hermes, of course, without a doubt.

  4. Definitely Hermes/Mercury. Moar of da buttses pleaze!

  5. Hermes! First I got it by the clues ... but then once I realized that the leg was raised and extended behind the behind, it all became clear.

  6. Instead of using knowledge (of which I have a limited selection) maybe I had fun comparing the behinds of various statues with each other and maybe I spent entirely too long staring at the backsides of mythical people but I think it is Hermes. I mean, for a while I went against the grain and decided it could be Prometheus (based on butts alone, you understand) but then no, no this is definitely not his bum.

    1. Ahahahahahaha. Mia. That is awesome! and hilarious!! way to go the extra mile!

  7. I'd recognize that butt anywhere! It's Hermes!

  8. like the others, hermes!


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