Friday, August 16, 2013

House of Lions EMBLEM revealed! and Tempting Fate Release Week Round-Up!

So this has been a busy week, and it is time for a round-up post, for those of you with a more targeted approach to the excess of content of the blog tour.

For starters, I talked mythology at Jaye Viner's blog: 5 reasons I fell in love with it, and one of them involves Kevin Sorbo. Kind of.

Then I talked Cover Art and Character (particularly the House of Lions!) with Mia Hayson on her COVER CLOSEUP, which follows up her fabulous blogpost on fonts and what they say about the contents of the book inside.

I talked a little bit about FATE FORGOTTEN and What's Next For Author Me over at Marilyn Almodovar's blog. (Fate Forgotten!!!! Have I mentioned how excited I am for you all to read this book? Also, there may or may not be cover art in the near future, I am just throwing that out there.)

At the same time, I chatted about the process of writing the side story that is TEMPTING FATE, over at World Weaver Press's blog. (Shout out to TWB, without whom TEMPTING FATE would not have existed at all.)

And you remember ST Bende, from her post about Ullr? Well, she was kind enough to let me visit her blog to talk about TEMPTING FATE as a more New Adult-ish installment, with a little bit of a comparison between ELSKER's Kristia and Tempting Fate's Mia. (Spoiler: Kristia is a lot less selfish. I did not include that in the blogpost but guys, it is true. Mia is... difficult.)

FINALLY, today, I am going to be over at Diana Paz's blog, talking about her most favorite of the Fate of the Gods characters: Adam. She's really hopeful that there will be more of you on her #AdamLove side of the fence soon, so definitely show your solidarity with a comment if you are a fan of his antagonistic self!

We've got some more action coming next week (including photography of the TEMPTING FATE goodies!), and then! THEN! NAME THAT BUTT will be making a return to the blog. I hope you all are ready for more delightful backsides!

And as promised, now that I've made you wade through a blogpost round up:

Designed by the fabulous EL HUSBAND!
(Art © Adam and Amalia Dillin.)


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    1. Thanks!! El husband sketched it out and I colored it. I do not know what I would be doing without him in this publicity stuff!


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