Tuesday, August 13, 2013


To celebrate the release of TEMPTING FATE, my first FATE OF THE GODS e-novella (available now for KINDLE and KOBO, and NOOK!), of COURSE there is a giveaway. And this time, I am getting serious and breaking out the rafflecopter. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

This time, instead of a t-shirt, we're doing a gift card, straight up for the Grand Prize! Of course there will also be TEMPTING FATE themed stickers and a trading card, too, because that is how I roll. So how do you enter? I'm glad you asked! There are lots of options for entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Not sure what all this TEMPTING FATE stuff is about? Allow me to throw some cover copy your way:

Mia's lived in her sister's shadow long enough. Now that Abby is getting married to a Frenchman, Mia scents freedom. In fact, Jean DeLeon, the groom's too-charming cousin, seems like the perfect place to start. But the House of Lions is full of secrets, and what started out as an exciting fling is quickly becoming more frustration than fun. Mia wants answers, or she wants out, and it isn't like she doesn’t have other options. Ethan Hastings, for example. Tall, handsome, and gray eyes like nothing she's ever seen before.

The fact that Jean seems to hate him is just a bonus.
Tempting Fate takes place during Forged by Fate, and follows Mia, Eve's younger sister in the present day, as she does what she does best -- cause trouble!

Also, those of you who want an extra chance at winning stickers and a new Tempting Fate trading card, leave a comment below! There will be at least one from-the-comments-section winner! But that will NOT count as an entry for the grand prize.


  1. Look at you cranking out the stories! Wish I could write faster and get something else out. *sigh*

    This sounds wonderful too!

    1. Thanks Charity! Actually I cheated though -- I had the whole trilogy and this novella written before WWP picked me up! So it's just an illusion of cranking things out :)

    2. Well, you have been editing. :)

      Or is that just the answer for those of us going "AHHH MOAR STORIEZ NAO PLEEEEEZE!"? ^_^

    3. Hahaha. No, I have DEFINITELY been editing, no question!


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